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Moscow accuses NATO of taking an anti-Russian attitude and increasing troops near its border with Russia, while China opposes the possibility of NATO expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific.

On July 12, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that the statements made at the NATO Summit in Vilnius showed the bloc's anti-Russian attitude and willingness to deploy more troops near Russia's borders, according to the statement. TASS news agency.

Leaders of NATO member countries at the NATO Summit on July 11 in Vilnius.

Antonov accused the US of causing a mixed war that cost Western peoples and said very few people in the NATO conference cared about the fate of the Ukrainian people.

 “The meeting in Vilnius demonstrated the intention of the bloc (NATO) to gather more and more troops on the Russian border. We have no place to retreat. The aggressive decisions of the NATO Summit will not shake Russia's confidence in its right actions. We are sure that all the objectives of the special military operation will be achieved," Antonov said.

Earlier on July 11, Beijing denied NATO's accusations that China (China) challenged the interests and security of the bloc, and opposed any attempt by NATO to expand its presence in the region. Asia-Pacific region, according to Reuters news agency.

In a joint statement by the leaders of NATO countries, the bloc accused China of "using a variety of political, economic and military tools to increase its global presence and project power, while not clarifying its strategic direction." strategy, intentions, and military construction”. NATO also accuses Beijing of malicious cyber activities, confrontational rhetoric and disinformation aimed at the alliance of bad influence on the bloc.

In response, the Chinese Delegation to the European Union (EU) objected to the content related to China in the NATO joint communique, asserting that these information are untrue, distort China's views and policies, and deliberately discredit the country. The Chinese delegation also resolutely opposed the "eastward shift of NATO into the Asia-Pacific region" and warned that any actions that threaten Beijing's rights and interests will be met with a corresponding response. worthy.

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